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People's Park History Page:

The Old Days

More Recent Events in People's Park

Historic Photo Gallery - Various Photographers

1969 Gallery - Making A Park

1969 Gallery - Enjoying A Park

1969 Gallery - Fencing In A Park

1969 Gallery - Bloody Thursday - March Down Telegraph

1969 Gallery - Parker & Telegraph

1969 Gallery - James Rector/Alan Blanchard

1969 Gallery - Cops

1969 Gallery - Enter the National Guard

1969 Gallery - Student Life

1969 Gallery - Resistance

1969 Gallery - Central Business District

1969 Gallery - Chill

Photo Gallery by Steve C.

Steve C is a professional photographer who has been photographing activism, and activities in People's Park since the 60's. This is not to be missed!

First Installments

1969: How to Build a People's Park

1969: How to Plan a People's Park


Two sets of Steve's photographs have been set up as QTVR movies!


Because unfortunately the net is a slow medium and it is impossible to do justice to Steve dynamic wide angle enlargements of the People's Park Activism in 1969.

It's really hard to see the crowd on a computer screen, much less check out in detail what they are doing. But QTVR movies will take you back to 1969 where you can "zoom in" on the activities. Play one in Apple's QTVR player. These "virtual" movies are a lot of fun!

Those of you with Mac's or Windows 95 can now enjoy

Movie #1: From Asphalt to Garden.

Two of Steve's C's wide angle crowd shots, overlooking the southern side of People's Park, joined into a QTVR Panorama Movie. Join the crowds as they remake People's Park from a parking lot into a garden for the People.

Note: These pictures were NOT taken in 1969 to become QTVR Panoramic movies-- so you may want to experiment with how you view them in your QTVR player. A setting of "partial" is recommended for Movie #1, but if you want to use "full" setting --Go ahead, it was the '60's.

Movie #2: Sunset Prying.

This movie combines a paired set of pictures looking to the west as the shadows grow longer and the day mellows. The crowd prepares the ground for tomorrows' garden. A setting of "full" is recommended for this QTVR panoramic adaption. You could also try "none" but that will make people look a bit shortened --good for buildings, less for the people.

--And remember these are only the first experiments with beta software. Suggestions from professional QTVR people are welcomed.

So if you are viewing this on a MACINTOSH or WINDOWS 95 in Netscape 3, don't miss this chance to join the crowds, building People's Park. These QTVR movies are quick downloads, cool, free ...and we hope the Windows 3.1 version comes soon!

WHO OWNS THE PARK? Original People's Park 1969 Leaflet Text.
What these people were reading in 1969... and its still true today.

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