NOTE: This is only a pledge; we are not asking for actual monetary contributions until some agreement is made with the Regents to transfer ownership. Your pledge to help buy the park will encourage the Regents to sell. We have received over 10,000 dollars in pledges so far. But we need much more than that to present a realistic offer. Please help. Pledges of one hundred dollars or more are particularly appreciated. Fill out the form below to submit your pledge!

If you would like to donate actual money to the campaign's organizing efforts, email

I (full name) pledge the amount of $ towards the Purchase of People's Park from the U.C. Regents to be maintained in perpetuity as a community green space and open public forum.
Street Address:
City State and Zip:

Press the submit button to send this form electronically. After your submission has been accepted, press the "back" button at the top of your web browser to return to this web page.

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