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Welcome to a Celebration of People’s Park!

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

(at the Park between Dwight and Haste off Telegraph in Berkeley). 

Here’s the lineup, with speakers interspersed:
NOON  All Nations Drummers
12:30 Yukon Hannibal
12:50 Soul
1:10 Occupella
1:30 Max Ventura
1:45 Driftwood Dave and the Drifftones
2:20 Open Mike
2:35 Michael  Delacore– Park History
2:45 Funky Nixons
3:25 Other Speakers
3:40 The Diva Band
4:20 Isaiah McLane and Friends (my grandson)
4:50 Eddie Monroe as Trump
5:15 Skank Bank

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From the Archives:


presents a fundraiser featuring performances by


SAT. FEBRUARY 4, 2012 from 6-10 pm,

at the ART HOUSE GALLERY AND CULTURAL CENTER 2905 SHATTUCK AVE. (between Ashby and Russell.)

$10 suggested donation. contact (510) 830-7787

correspondence, January 20, 2012

It was August of 1969; I was finally back in the land of CONUS (Continental United States of America)... strangely with all my pieces attached, and in relatively in the correct order. We’d been told on Treasure Island, “Do NOT go into town in uniform, and it’s suggested that you avoid Berkley, totally”. Heck, I wanted a coffee... it was always a treat to sit somewhere on Tel. Ave. and just watch the people... pretty girls would say hi, and people were just having a great time in life.... but it was all different. I recall seeing the chain-link around PPark... pieces of litter lying on the ragged dirt, inside. I remarked to my companion... “Hey, wonder what would happen if we just pulled the damned fence DOWN?” We’d read about it in the “Freep”... Uncle Sugar wouldn’t deliver the Barb, so only “pirated” copies ever made it to us.

But... yes, it WAS different - nobody spoke to us; people shunned us if we said “hello”. We weren’t any different (we thought).. just ordinary guys from an ordinary place... trying to adjust to our surroundings and attempting to assimilate into a totally unknown culture...

... it was an old lady who broke the ice - “Hello; how are you?” she asked... we brightened up and in our best manners said “Fine, mam’... would you care to sit down?” (none of the other tables were empty, and we had a spare chair)... she smiled and just flat out said “Why YES, I sure would”, and began to talk with us as if we were her long lost grandsons. THAT was the spirt that PPark was SUPPOSED to have generated - somewhere, it lost it’s way.

... and to Raine, wherever she may be... a pretty girl with flashing eyes, who gave me flowers on McAllister Beach... just before I shipped out. Thank you, Raine... you kept me going... and you never even knew it.

Tom Dailey - Denver
former US Navy and Kansas farm kid

People’s Park is Under Attack by the Telegraph Business Improvement District

People’s Park Volunteer Activist Meeting Thursday Sep. 29, 7 pm 2022 Blake Street, continuing every other Thursday

The meetings are open to all. We aim to improve the park by creating a coherent voice for the park community. We are engaging in the planning park-improvement projects and other initiatives to beautify the park through user-management.

Read the letter from TBID to the UC demanding that the UC sanitize the park in order to advance TBIDs economic interests with the goal of gentrifying Telegraph.

Join the listserve: or 510 390-0830

“Nobody supervises and the trip belongs to whoever dreams.” (from the notice in the Berkeley Barb Paper that called the first Park Creators!)

Park Events and Announcements

Advisory Board:
The monthly meetings of the People’s Park Community Advisory Board open with a “public comment” period at the beginning at 7pm. The board is selected by the University to advise them of Park issues, so it’s not actually a democratic body, but the meetings have been valuable as a means of communication with the University about the Park. Please come share your ideas, concerns etc.
2nd Mondays,7:00pm
Trinity Methodist Church, 2362 Bancroft (near Dana), Berkeley

New book release:
People’s Park: Still Blooming edited by Terri Compost.

Celebrate the past, present, and future of People’s Park! Support local bookstores: Book Zoo, Pegasus, Moe’s, Pendragon, Ancient Ways, Mrs. Dalloway’s, Diesel Bookstore, Walden Pond, Analog, Other Avenues, Modern Times, Bound Together, Green Apple, Needles & Pens, Ecology Center, or online at slingshot or Whoop!

Past events

People’s Park Community group discussion page.

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History Page: Visit Historic Photo Gallery - 1969. From groundbreaking through helicopter gassing to flowers left on the fence wire. ACLU photographs. Steve C’s photographs (Quicktime VR Panorama). Chronologies at no extra cost! (Best seen in 1000’s of colors - though photos are b & w). Excerpts from Wendy Schlesinger’s “Young Girl’s Diary” 

Free Speech Page: Activism in the Park, Houselessness, Free Speech on the Internet.... and that’s just for starters. You don’t want to miss the Amazing Food Not Bombers FreeBox Fashion Extravaganza, do you? Revisit a great moment in Berkeley History, through the miracle of Internet Animatronics.... and who said Leftists had no sense of humor? 

Culture Page: Music, Poetry, Singing and Dance.... Poems by Julia Vinograd, Music and Speeches in support of People’s Park.... yes and much animated dancing as well.... 

See the “Peace in the Park Page” as well for vital information relevant to Park Politics. Check out David Nadel, Dona Spring, and Maudelle Shirek, all celebrated for their long time support of People’s Park, in animation and short but sparkling internet sound.

Links to friends of the park on other sites!

Peoples Park is located in the City of Berkeley, a few blocks South of the University of California campus. The Park is bounded on the East by Bowditch St., on the South by Dwight Way, on the North by Haste St. and on the West, it’s a short half block from Telegraph Avenue.

Drop us a line.
(510)390-0830 or
Or write: People’s Park
   p.o. box 89
   berkeley, california

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