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People’s Park 49th Anniversary
Sunday, April  29, 2018 Noon to 6pm

between Dwight and Haste off Telegraph in Berkeley, California

This is one of the biggest events of the year at People’s Park, with a great lineup of music, dance and speakers. Come and participate!

NOON All Nations Drummers
12:30 Michael Diehl greeting
12:35 Yukon Hannibal
1:00 Felix
1:15 Katy Stuck
1:25 Jim Burrill
1:50 Hali Hammer & Friends
2:15 Michael Delacore
2:25 Max Ventura
2:45 Speakers
3:00 Burnt
(punk reggae funk)
3:50 Soul
4:05 Ruby’s In Town
4:50 Trump
5:05 Skank Bank
5:50 Closing remarks

Past Events:
Sunday, April 23, 2017

People’s Park

Here’s the lineup, with speakers interspersed:
NOON  All Nations Drummers
12:30 Yukon Hannibal
12:50 Soul
1:10 Occupella
1:30 Max Ventura
1:45 Driftwood Dave and the Drifftones
2:20 Open Mike
2:35 Michael Delacour – Park History
2:45 Funky Nixons
3:25 Other Speakers
3:40 The Diva Band
4:20 Isaiah McLane and Friends
4:50 Eddie Monroe as Trump
5:15 Skank Bank