Posters from People’s Park – 1969-present

Who Owns the Park 1969
Poster against UC Berkeley’s volleyball courts in People’s Park

Satire of San Francisco Chronicle about People’s Park
Gardening Fun! poster with Free Skool Classes on community gardening, seeds and soil, sustainable living, composting, plant walks
U.C. Regents, Hands Off Ashkenaz poster


Slapp Lawsuit Defense Concert
Early People’s Park publication from the Berkeley Public Library history archives
A joyous butterfly nymph of the garden adorns this 2002 People’s Park Anniversary poster–art by Moby
People’s Park 40th Anniversary poster, art by Moby
Park advocacy and education



Landmarks Preservation Commission letter

Who Runs the University of California?

People’s Park logo by Moby
Loni Hancock Speaks on People’s Park
Why People’s Park? A Brief History
The People’s Park Song – by Andrea Prichett & Nadine Goode (Folk verse added by Steve Brady: Miracle, Miracle, look what I’ve found A big bag of pot lying here on the ground. Maybe I’ll roll it up, smoke it with friends or sell it to tourists for ten bucks a pin.)


People’s Park history in hieroglyphics
People’s Park 37th Anniversary, Returning To Our Roots poster by Moby


People’s Park Alternatives poster
Regent’s Admit flyer by David Nadel
The World Turned Upside Down – © Leon Rosselson (The Diggers’ Song)
UC Out of Southside poster
Hey, U.C.! Take This poster

Uncommon Sense, Organizing for Democracy, Self Determination and Open Space
You Are the People of People’s Park