Sunday, April 23, 2017

People’s Park, between Dwight and Haste off Telegraph in Berkeley, California

All Nations dancer, drummers and singers

Here’s the lineup, with speakers interspersed:
NOON  All Nations Drummers
12:30 Yukon Hannibal
12:50 Soul
1:10 Occupella
1:30 Max Ventura
1:45 Driftwood Dave and the Drifftones
2:20 Open Mike
2:35 Michael Delacour
– Park History

2:45 Funky Nixons
3:25 Other Speakers
3:40 The Diva Band
4:20 Isaiah McLane and Friends
4:50 Eddie Monroe as Trump
5:15 Skank Bank

This is one of the biggest events of the year at People’s Park, with a great lineup of music, dance and speakers. Come and participate!

Read Michael Delacour’s letter covering the history of the creation of People’s Park >

People's Park 48th Anniversary 2017
People’s Park 48th Anniversary 2017



Hate Man is Dead

Tom Lord, Dan McMullan, Ace Backwards, Sunday April 02, 2017, Berkeley Daily Planet

Hate Man, the Pathways Project, and the War on Eccentricity

Carol Denney, Monday April 03, 2017, Berkeley Daily Planet

The book:
People’s Park: Still Blooming

edited by Terri Compost

People's Park: Still Blooming - edited by Terri CompostCelebrate the past, present, and future of People’s Park! Support local bookstores: Book Zoo, Pegasus, Moe’s, Pendragon, Ancient Ways, Mrs. Dalloway’s, Diesel Bookstore, Walden Pond, Analog, Other Avenues, Modern Times, Bound Together, Green Apple, Needles & Pens, Ecology Center, or online at slingshot or Whoop!

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Founded in 1969, People’s Park in Berkeley, California is a gathering place for Community, History, Free Speech, Social Justice, Civil Rights, Gardens, Music, Education, Recreation, Ecology, Sports, and more.

The People’s Park community will celebrate it’s 48th Anniversary on Sunday, April 23, 2017. See Events for details >

Peoples Park is located in the City of Berkeley, a few blocks South of the University of California campus. The Park is bounded on the East by Bowditch St., on the South by Dwight Way, on the North by Haste St. and on the West, it’s a short half block from Telegraph Avenue.


Drop us a line.
(510)390-0830 or charles@well.com
Or write: People’s Park
p.o. box 89
berkeley, california